How can I motivate my salespeople?

The morale of salespeople is directly related to the sales of the company. This is because if you can motivate the salespeople  of the entire company, the company's sales could increase dramatically.

So, when do salespeople lose their motivation?

1. When they do not receive a fair evaluation for their achievements

2. When sales activities do not produce results.

These are the times when salespeople lose their motivation.

In the case of #1, it is necessary to create a system within the company to evaluate salespeople fairly, such as giving them a prize for their achievements.

In some cases, major reforms, such as changing the corporate culture, may be necessary. People who belong to a company may have a propensity to be averse to change, but

However, in today's rapidly changing market environment, not changing can be a risk.

Don't be afraid of change, and go ahead with the reform.

The problem is the second case.

How can you motivate salespeople who are not getting results from their sales activities?

The best way to motivate salespeople is to turn them into salespeople with results.

However, it is not easy to develop salespeople who can contribute to the company if it is left to the individual qualities of the salespeople.

This is where the introduction of sales tools to support salespeople comes in.

If you can improve the sales performance of your salespeople by using sales tools to support them, you can motivate them and create a virtuous cycle to improve their performance.

It is possible to create a virtuous cycle to improve business performance.

So, what kind of sales tools should be introduced?

Introducing sales tools for sales managers to manage salespeople will not motivate salespeople.

It should be a sales tool that supports salespeople to focus on sales activities and increase sales while reducing the burden of sales administration.

I recommend SlimTime's "Sugar Spot" sales tool.

Please refer to the following website to see what features it has to support your salespeople.

Once you have analyzed your company, if there are any elements that may be demotivating your salespeople, why not remove those elements and use a sales tool?

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